zamora 15

the waste land

vol. 2: cabal



vol. 1: cowboys

trophies &orphans

ripple & shear

N 15° W 97°

the conqueror



1725 sokak

royal family


the practice

dead reckoning


the hustle

battle wizard






fig 17.4 arcade, 2018
steel, ceramic tile, cement, leather, yellow quartz, volcanic stone, gold plated bronze, rabbit skin, acrylic enamel
160x 66x 58cm, 63x 26x 23in

  fig 17.5 reckoner, 2018
steel, brass, leather, tile, cement, ceramic tile, acrylic enamel
169x 83x 64cm, 66.5x 32.5x 25in


fig 17.6 caryatid, 2018
ceramic tile, steel cotton cord, tezontle, acrylic enamel
184x 35x 35cm, 72.5x 14x 14in


fig 18.5 O.G.M. , 2019
steel, leather, salt, ceramic, volcanic stone, fabric, wood
71.5.x 26.5x 21.5cm, 28x 10.5x 8.5in
  fig 10.8 Chopo [yellow], 2018
ceramic tile, sidewalk fragment, acrylic enamel
58x 62x 63cm, 23x 24.5x 25in


An addendum on the immaterial.

The exhibition Luego la Forma, this fall at Galería de Arte Mexicano, elucidates on a process native to the plastic arts, the conjuring of the empirical from the intangible. The show weaves together the practices of Ramiro Chaves, Yeni Mao, Fabiola Menchelli, and Alejandra Venegas. The practices tease out drawings, paintings, sculptures or photos from the gooey transitional space between source and realization.

Venegas translates her surrounding landscape, processing it through the deceptive simplicity of gesture and mark-making. The works are an experiential reaction, digesting the landscape and pushing it through the automatic path from eye to hand. Also in conversation with his surroundings, Chaves uses multiple hands and multiple frames of reference. The cooperative works layer space and expression, a testimony to collective consciousness. Instead of creating environmental space like other large work, the seemingly endless scroll becomes a document of the process.

Concerned with the elemental nature of light as a defining force, Menchelli uses the incorporeality of light not only as a process but as a subject matter. The photos are about the photography, creating a feedback system that hums with mysticism, astronomy, and science fiction. In a similar closed-loop, Mao approaches the incorporeal through the mediation of embodiment. He works with architectonic suggestiveness, constructing a cyborg body solely through the surrounding framework. Various components and visual languages- expressions of craft, material building systems and modes of display- provide a sounding board of information.

This show is about process as expression, a physicality birthed from an impression, the form shaped from an ethereal whiff. The works decipher the way in which form is made. These practices are each an elucidation, a paraphrase, a decoding.







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